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10 Celebrities Slapped With Restraining Orders

By newadmin / Published on Saturday, 06 Dec 2014 09:28 AM / No Comments / 22 views

When things with an ex get out of hand, many celebrities choose to get restraining orders. Going this route is pretty serious, which means some form of abuse is usually involved. With Sarah Hyland’s brave decision to get a temporary restraining order against her abusive ex all over the news, we began to wonder how many other celebrities have taken this route. From our research, it looks like there are a lot of celebrities who have been slapped with restraining orders and most of them are men. Some of these guys won’t surprise you while others will definitely come as a shock!

10. Chris Brown

In 2009, after Chris Brown pled guilty to felony assault for beating Rihanna, he was ordered to stay 50 yards away from her unless they were at the same event, in which case it would only be ten yards. It wasn’t until 2011 that the restraining order was replaced with a level one order, which meant that the former lovebirds could have contact, as long as Brown didn’t harass, annoy or molest Rihanna. It wasn’t long after that these two were spotted getting cozy again.

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