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10 Celebrities Who Eloped In Las Vegas

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 01 Feb 2018 12:07 PM / No Comments / 38 views

Many people scoff at the idea of getting married in Las Vegas, but not celebrities! Some of them rush off to Vegas to get hitched in the most impulsive of ways while others just want to get married fast – and stay married. We have a list of celebrities who ran off to Vegas to tie the knot. While some of them are still married, many of them (unsurprisingly) are not.

10. Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon were married twice, once in September 2007 and then again in 2014 (or around that date). The first time they tied the knot Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel in between Anderson’s nightly appearances at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Hans Klok’s magic show. Five months later, she requested that the marriage be annulled, citing fraud; however, six years later, she announced that she and Salomon were married again, but then filed for divorce from him February 2015. Hopefully this time they’ll stay divorced!

Photo by REX/David Fisher

9. Michael Caine and Shakira Baksh

Michael Caine fell in love with Shakira Baksh after seeing her in a Maxwell House coffee commercial in 1971 and managed to track her down! She was living just a few miles away from him in London. Two years later, they were married in Las Vegas on January 8, 1973 and are still together more than forty years later. They have one daughter, Dominique, who was named after the heroine in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead.


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