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10 Must-Read Celebrity Memoirs

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 06 Dec 2017 16:00 PM / No Comments / 58 views

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that behind a celebrity’s glamorous photos, stunning properties and luxury vacations is a real person similar to ourselves! Often the lives of the rich-and-famous have surprisingly humble beginnings and their rise into stardom is definitely a story to be told. Whether their story reveals a salacious secret, is heartbreaking and intense or simply hilarious, follow along for 10 of Hollywood’s must-read celebrity memoirs:

10. Mara Wilson — Where Am I Now?

Viewers were enchanted by childhood actress Mara Wilson when she graced the screen in Miracle on 34th Street, Mrs. Doubtfire and Matilda. Unfortunately her career came to an abrupt halt as she grew into her teenage years and many studio executives didn’t know if she was still capable of captivating audiences the way she did as a child. She details her struggles of taking a step out of the spotlight in her memoir and tells her side of the story. “When you see that somebody’s last credit is ‘Thomas and the Magic Railroad’ when they’re an awkward 12-year-old, you’re, like, ‘Oh, how sad,’” she once said. “You don’t know what happens between those IMDB entries. I knew there were people who felt sorry for me and people who were making up stories about me. I think I wanted to reclaim that narrative.”

Source: Penguin Random House

9. Lily Collins — Unfiltered

Actress and model Lily Collins shared some of her most challenging obstacles and deepest secrets in her memoir Unfiltered. The brunette beauty is known for her enviable brows and the first chapter of her memoir opens with a story about her childhood when she plucked her eyebrows so that they looked like one of her classmate’s. “The quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful,” she preached following the anecdote. The actress recently took on a starring role in To The Bone where she played an anorexic woman and shares in her memoir more details behind her own struggles with eating disorders. She also delves into her life as a child and the role of being the estranged daughter of ’80s singer Phil Collins.

Source: Instagram

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