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12 General Hospital Storylines That Need To End in 2018

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 23 Feb 2018 19:06 PM / No Comments / 34 views

As one of the most popular daytime dramas in soap opera history, General Hospital (GH) remains on the airwaves thanks to some incredible romances and storylines over the years. Well into 2018, fans continue to tune in daily to see the trials and tribulations of all their favorite Port Charles residents and what will happen in their lives next. However, as incredible as some of the stories that are currently unfolding are, there are some that need to be tied up. Below are 12 GH storylines that need to end in 2018.

12. The Faison Factor

It’s been months since the real Jason Morgan returned to town and his twin storyline with Drew has been an incredible watch. It took a long time to finally lure Cesar Faison back to Port Charles and just as it seemed he’d be able to answer some questions around the entire Drew/Jason debacle, Port Charles enemy number one wound up dead. However, even in death, Faison and all the unanswered questions he had still linger on in storylines. Here’s hoping that by the end of this year, this storyline can finally be sorted out and Faison can be a distant memory.

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11. Drew/Sam/Jason Love Triangle

There’s nothing like a good love triangle in a soap opera, and the Drew/Sam/Jason arc has it all. Yes, Sam has chosen Drew for now, but even fans of DrewSam have to admit that she ended up choosing Jason’s twin a little too quickly. It’s going to take a long while for Sam and Jason to reunited, but here’s hoping OG JaSam come together and admit their feelings for each other before the end of 2018, or else this love triangle just may linger until 2019.

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