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12 Shocking Revelations From Chrissy Metz’s Memoir ‘This Is Me’

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Ever since Chrissy Metz burst into the spotlight as Kate Pearson on the hit drama This Is Us, the actress has been very open and honest. She has shared much about her life before her This Is Us fame, and stayed completely grounded even as the show’s success has catapulted her to the top of the entertainment industry. Now, Metz is an open book, literally, as she has shared all in her new memoir, This Is Me: Loving the Person You are Today. Metz’s personality leaps off the page as she recalls some truly surprising facts about her past, and tries to help others through the difficult times in their lives by sharing her own very personal experiences. Here are the 12 most shocking revelations from Chrissy Metz’s book:

12. Lunch With Oprah

Chrissy Metz has a lot to share in her book and instead of starting at the beginning, she started with one of the most significant moments of her life: her lunch with Oprah. After initially not believing she had been invited to lunch with Oprah Winfrey, she showed up at Oprah’s Montecito estate where she learned life lessons from the superstar, they discussed their lives, and Chrissy lived a dream. “About ten years before, I took a day trip to Santa Barabara […] I knew Oprah’s Montecito estate was very close, and as I sat at that table, I thought, I’m going to meet Oprah one day and live next door to her. So, I said, just that, out loud, in a joking way. ‘I want to be in Montecito someday, hanging out with Oprah.’ My wish came true because I put it out there. I truly believe that the things you want can happen, but it starts with asking,” she wrote. As well as sharing her story, Metz spends time throughout the book sharing her advice, including one about putting out in the universe what you want to happen and making that dream a reality.

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11. Mark

Unlike her This Is Us character, Chrissy Metz, did not have a positive relationship, or a relationship at all with her father who she refers to as Mark because she never considered him as a dad. Mark was in the Navy which meant when she was only six months old, Chrissy, Mark, her mother and her older siblings Monica and Philip moved to Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan. With no connection to her father, who only seemed interested in his son, and her mother always working, Chrissy became quite close with her grandmother. “As I understand it, my father was not faithful to my mother throughout their marriage. It was sometimes hard to deny,” she revealed. She added that one day her mom simply announced, “We’re moving back to Florida,” meaning herself and the kids, not Mark. After her parents split she saw her father a couple of times and met his new girlfriend, who would become his wife, but after that visit wouldn’t see him for the rest of her childhood. “I wouldn’t see my father again until I was twenty-one, at a shower for Phillip’s baby boy,” she shared. “It was at Phillip’s house, and Mark walked right by me in the family room. Even my high school graduation announcement came back Return to Sender.” At the end of the book, Metz reveals that once she became famous, her dad wanted that relationship with her. “It started with Facebook posts and shout-outs, and I thought, okay, maybe we can start to be cordial. But as soon as I extended the olive branch, it seemed he wanted the tree. ‘How much money are you making on that show?’ Those are the first words Mark said to me after twenty years of nothing.”

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