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12 Shocking Rules British Royal Children Must Follow

By newadmin / Published on Saturday, 24 Feb 2018 08:08 AM / No Comments / 27 views

Royals have to follow a number of rules when it comes to how they live their everyday lives. The same goes for royal children! From what they wear to how they are educated and how they can travel, royal kids have a lot of more restrictions than just your everyday kids. Here are 12 shocking rules that all royal children must follow:

12. Travel Restrictions

According to royal protocol, royal heirs shouldn’t travel on the same plane together. As most of us know, Prince William is second in line to the throne, and Prince George is third while Princess Charlotte is fourth. The rule serves to protect the royal lineage should anything happen to the plane. Following the birth of Prince George in 2013, the Queen made an exception for Prince William and Kate Middleton during their tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2014 and the family has continued to travel together on subsequent tours. Once George turns 12, however, no more exceptions will be made, and he and William will no longer be able to share a flight together.

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11. Dress Code

Shorts are compulsory for young boys in the royal family. Tradition dictates that boys of the upper classes cannot wear long pants until they are about eight years old. “Trousers are for older boys and men, whereas shorts on young boys is one of those silent class markers that we have in England,” William Hanson told Harper’s Bazaar. “Although times are (slowly) changing, a pair of trousers on a young boy is considered quite middle class – quite suburban. And no self-respecting aristo or royal would want to be considered suburban.” The tradition likely comes from the centuries-old practice of “breeching.” Boys in Western Europe were expected to only wear dresses during the first few years of their life; this practice continued until the 1920s. Then they were given their first pair of short trousers in a formal ceremony, which marked their journey “from babyhood to boyhood.”

Source: Kensington Palace’s Instagram

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