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18 Shocking Revelations From Rose McGowan’s Book ‘Brave’

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In her new memoir Brave, Rose McGowan doesn’t hold back. While many events in her life are already public knowledge, in her book she shared even more details about her unconventional upbringing, her family, her experiences in Hollywood, and some of her romantic relationships with celebrity men. Here are 18 of the most shocking revelations from McGowan’s book Brave:

18. Mental Illness in Her Family

Mental illness runs in her family. Her grandmother was mentally fragile, and when she found out that her husband, Rose’s grandfather, had taken up with a Korean woman while he was away at war, her bouts of mental illness became impossible to control. Her father also struggled with mental illness. Rose believes that he suffered from bipolar disorder. When he was manic, he was “bright” and “funny,” but when he was depressed, he was verbally abusive and at times violent. She lived with him for a period during her teenage years, and according to her, he would terrorize her, calling her a “feminazi” and a “whore.” He never even bought her a bed to sleep in and told her that she “wasn’t worth buying a bed for,” so her room was in the closet where she slept on seat cushions. One night, he got violent with her and “dragged [her] out of the closet and onto the floor.” When she threatened to call the cops, he told her that he would “staple [her] tongue to the floor.” Later in life, Rose was diagnosed with cyclothymia, a mood disorder. She takes a mood stabilizer to help manage it.

Source: Rose McGowan’s Instagram

17. Her Creepy Stepdad

The Scream actress’ father wasn’t the only abusive man in her life. After leaving the cult, Children of God, her mother took up with a guy named Lawrence. According to McGowan, he was especially creepy. He would force her and his 14-year-old daughter to take baths together while he watched. He would also listen in on phone calls on McgGowan and her siblings would have with their dad to make sure they didn’t tell them about what was going on in her mom’s home and would monitor the mail as well. After one of her mom and Lawrence’s breakups, he “drove around in his pickup truck with a shotgun threatening to kill [her] mom” and it later came out that he had been molesting his own daughter, Mary, after she had pressed charges.

Source: Rose McGowan’s Instagram

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