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7 Celebrities Who Are Accused Of Being Gay, But Deny It

By newadmin / Published on Saturday, 06 Dec 2014 05:56 AM / No Comments / 17 views

There are some male celebrities in Hollywood who seem pretty closeted. Although they have all denied the allegations more than once, there seems to be enough evidence there for us to believe that there’s something more to the story. Some of these celebrities have been facing these reports for years while others have recently come under scrutiny for their questionable behavior. Many of these men are currently married or in long-term relationships with women, so we think that chances of them confirming the rumors seem pretty unlikely. Here are 7 male celebrities who many people believe are gay, but continue to deny it!

7. Eddie Murphy

Ever since police caught Eddie Murphy with a transsexual prostitute in his car in the wee hours of the morning in 1997, people have been questioning his sexuality. Although he claims that he was just being a good Samaritan, the transsexual claims that the actor had put $ 200 on her leg and told her that he was interested in seeing her in some lingerie. After this, other transsexual prostitutes came forward with stories that Murphy had paid him for sex; however, he has always denied these allegations.

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