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8 Celebrities Who Showed Their Flaws On Social Media

By newadmin / Published on Monday, 23 Oct 2017 16:56 PM / No Comments / 32 views

For years Hollywood has convinced the world that the starlets who grace the red carpet have absolutely zero flaws. These faultless celebs are plastered on the covers of magazines and light up our television screens with flawless complexions, perfect figures and flowing hair that seems impossible to achieve. Luckily, the rawness of social media has given celebrities the means to show an insider view of their lives — flaws and all! A few brave celebs have taken a stand against the skills of photo shop and shown that their bodies are simply not as perfect as they may seem. Follow along for 8 times celebs proudly showed off their flaws on social media:

8. Brie Larson

Brie Larson proved that not even celebs can battle the unpredictable nature of acne! The star posted a photo of herself on Instagram with a huge red arrow pointing to a blemish on her chin and told a relatable personal anecdote in the caption. “When you’re stressing/obsessing over a zit so you put on too much zit cream before bed and wake up to giant dry spot but you gotta get your photo taken anyway,” Larson confessed making it obvious that even celebs stress about maintaining a clear complexion!

7. Drew Barrymore

Keeping up perfectly groomed eyebrows and colored hair is definitely a struggle that even actress Drew Barrymore agrees with! The star posted a shocking photo of her untamed brows and grey hairs to her Instagram account with a caption that is all too understandable. “#becomingsheila OH MY GOD How did I let it get this bad. Base and brows needed. Must become her. #santaclaritadiet here we go again. Season two,” she captioned the photo. The mother of two had been spending so much time with her daughters before beginning to shoot the second season of Becoming Sheila that she didn’t realize how much she let her appearance slack. Barrymore then went on to share photos of her glam team helping her become camera-ready with new brows, a fresh dye and glowy makeup!

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