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8 Pop Music Videos With Hidden Messages

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 22 Oct 2017 11:37 AM / No Comments / 58 views

Taylor Swift left fans with their jaws dropped all around the world when she released her latest music video “Look What You Made Me Do.” The video was laced with endless hidden messages that took jabs at her past feuds with fellow celebs, ex-boyfriends, the media and even streaming companies! The music video definitely required a few views to pick up on all the hidden details and was considered an intricate work of art by many. Although this specific music video was epic, Swift wasn’t the first Hollywood A-lister to hide messages within her music videos. Follow along for 8 pop music videos that have hidden messages within them that you may not have caught:

8. Rihanna – Diamonds

Although Rihanna does not explicitly talk about her ex Chris Brown in her 2012 hit Diamonds, many were completely convinced the song was an ode to him and especially after the video was released. A scene in the abstract video features Rihanna running away on the street and being illuminated by a car, which many believe was a reference to the heartbreaking night that Chris Brown assaulted her in a car back in 2009 after leaving a party. Many theories have been pieced together trying to decode the work of art, but the most popular one surrounds the idea that the man who appears in the video (who also looks quite similar to Chris Brown!) is lit on fire to represent the way the media turned him into a villain. At the end, Rihanna is surrounded by water and many believe this is a hidden nod to her “rebirth” and leaving behind her past after the attack.

7. Nick Jonas – Jealous

Nick Jonas has previously admitted that his hit song “Jealous” is about jealously in a relationship and actually based on true events, but he hoped the music video would take the song to a deeper level. When Nick Jonas launched his solo career and split from his Jonas Brothers trio, fans were unsure where his career would lead him. Luckily, “Jealous” was a great success and established Nick as a mature and respectable solo artist. If the song wasn’t enough to prove that he has grown up, during a scene in the video Nick is driving along a road on a motorcycle with sunglasses on and the highway sign behind him reads “leaving childhood” with an arrow pointing forward. This indirect nod was clearly towards his brothers and the world as he launched his new career as an adult singer and left behind his previous reputation as a teen heartthrob.

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