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8 TV Shows That Lost Their Lead Actor But Kept Going

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 03 Dec 2017 21:43 PM / No Comments / 28 views

Sometimes shows have trouble continuing on when one of the leads decides to leave the series, but other times the show can literally continue on without the lead character for several more seasons without any serious consequences. These 8 shows did just that. They lost a lead, but they were able to keep going for at least a couple more seasons.

8. One Tree Hill

After six seasons on One Tree Hill, both Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton decided not to return for the show’s seventh season. They were two of the series’ five protagonists and their characters had one of the show’s central love stories. To help fill the void, Quinn, Haley’s sister, and Clay, Nathan’s sports agent, were added to the cast. The show continued for another three seasons until April 4, 2012 and Murray even made a special appearance during the show’s finale.

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7. Three’s Company

Susanne was one of the three leads on Three’s Company when she was fired from the show during season five for demanding a significant salary increase. Jenilee Harrison was brought in to replace her that season as her character’s clumsy cousin, but she only lasted one season and was replaced during season six with a new blonde roommate named Terri Alden (played by Priscilla Barnes). After Somers’ departure, the show lasted another four seasons until it ended after season 8.

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