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9 Most Hated Soap Opera Couples Of 2017

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 06 Dec 2017 09:50 AM / No Comments / 36 views

Every soap opera fan has their favorite couple on their favorite show. Alternatively, daytime drama audiences also seem to have a couple that gets on their very last nerve. Whether is because the two are villains, not meant to be, or you’d like to one of the characters with someone else – every soap viewer has a couple they despise. Below are nine of the most-hated soap opera couples in 2017.

9. DOOL’s Nicole Walker and Deimos Kiriakis

There was no one in or outside of Salem that enjoyed seeing these two together. When Nicole lost Baby Holly because of her relationship with Deimos, many Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans wanted to shout at their television set this year (and many did!) Thankfully, Nicole did see the light and she left Kiriakis, but she also sacrificed some precious time with her infant daughter in the process.


8. GH’s Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis

Julexis fans might disagree with this one, but the truth is, General Hospital’s (GH) Julian has hurt Alexis tremendously over this year and really doesn’t deserve the grace that she is currently giving him. They waddled on couple status in 2017, but here’s hoping that Alexis can harden her heart towards him in 2018. He’s been nothing but trouble for her.


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