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Celebrities Who Have Fallen Asleep During Interviews

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 04 Dec 2014 02:24 AM / No Comments / 23 views

Celebrities give a lot of interviews – it is part of the job! When it comes to promoting an album, a movie or a television show, celebs have to get out there and hustle. While many of them do this in the most professional manner possible, others seem to have slight difficulties with this and, by difficulties, we mean they fall asleep during their interviews. Even worse – some of these interviews are live! Maybe they are overworked or maybe they’ve been partying a little too hard. Whatever the case, they obviously need a few more zzz’s before showing up to their commitments. Here are 7 celebrities who dozed off during interviews!

7. David Hasselhoff

In 2006, David Hasselhoff flirted, danced and then fell asleep during a promotional interview on British TV for his new single “Jump in My Car.” People naturally assumed that he was drunk; however, he blamed his nodding off on sleeping pills. According to Hasselhoff, he had been using them because of his ridiculous schedule. He traveled to “Vancouver then Leeds, then Manchester then Croydon” and was reportedly really tired.

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