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Friends’ 12 Most Memorable Family Members

By newadmin / Published on Saturday, 03 Feb 2018 16:51 PM / No Comments / 40 views

The heartwarming and hilarious relationships between the sensational six main characters on Friends were always the focal point of the show (obviously, otherwise it wouldn’t have been given it’s super apt name), but throughout the years and many seasons, a few family members stopped by to stir up some trouble and/or lend some loving support. From parents and siblings, to offspring and one particularly hot cousin, here are 12 of the most memorable family members to appear on Friends.

12. Monica & Ross’ Cousin Cassie

When cousin Cassie − played by the glamorously gorgeous Denise Richards − arrives to stay with the bride to be before Monica and Chandler’s wedding, her long flowing tresses that she flips around like a mermaid emerging from the water (in slow motion and to sexy music, no less) sparks a little inappropriate staring from Chandler. Forcing Monica to send her unwitting relation off to Ross’ apartment. Ross then decides to make a move on his cousin that couldn’t have had us cringing (or laughing) any harder. Finally settling at Phoebe’s place to attempt to evade the fellas awkward attention, even Phoebe isn’t immune to Cassie’s charming ways.

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11. Frank Buffay

Phoebe Buffay was certainly one of the quirkier characters to appear on TV and she apparently came by it naturally. Raised for the most part by her adoptive mother, step-father, and grandmother, Phoebe only met her biological parents after tracking them down as an adult. Despite his runaway ways, Phoebes’ bio dad (played by Bob Balaban) was just as flighty as his kiddo even though he was a heck of a lot less reliable.

Source: IMDB

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