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General Hospital: 12 Most Controversial Moments Ever

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 06 Feb 2018 17:11 PM / No Comments / 68 views

General Hospital (GH) has certainly had its fair share of scandals over the five-plus decades it has been around. Love affairs, paternity tests, mob action, spy adventures, Quartermaine craziness, and so much more keeps soap opera audiences tuned in daily and weekly. However, as much as scandals have become the norm for this daytime drama, controversies have also occurred here and there on the show over its tenure. Below are 12 of the most controversial moments in GH’s history.

12. Tracey Refuses To Give Edward His Meds

Tracey has always had a tumultuous relationship with father Edward. Rewind a few decades when Alan Quartermaine Jr. arrived on the scene, and she was worried that her son Ned would be edged out of the Quartermaine fortune. During this time, Edward began to resent Tracey and was about to sign a new will leaving her ousted from the Quartermaine estate. Just as he was about to sign it, he became ill and begged Tracey to give him some of his medication to prevent him from dying. She refused. This cliffhanger left GH fans horrified and shocked that a daughter would not save her own flesh in blood, all in the name of money. Some felt that the writers may have crossed the line. The good news was that the entire scenario was simply a test conducted by Edward to see his daughter’s true heart. He got up and was fine when all was said and done.

Source: General Hospital’s Twitter

11. Franco Caging Tom Baker

In late 2016, GH writers came up with a storyline that involved Elizabeth Webber’s rapist, Tom Baker, returning to Port Charles. In an effort to avenge Liz’s anguish and redeem his own past crimes, Franco stalked Baker and ended up locking him up in a cage like an animal. Did Franco go too far? Some fans believed the storyline was a bit too much and that another avenue could have been taken to show Franco’s dedication to being a hero and good boyfriend to Liz.


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