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Health worries behind Edwina’s jungle trial triumph

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The mark on Edwina’s shoulder that sparked cancer concerns ITV/REX

Here you can see the mark on Edwina’s shoulder that sparked cancer concerns

Her weekend of victories was achieved despite a cancer scare over a worrying mark on her shoulder.

Meanwhile her husband John Jones revealed she was only on the show because of a cancer alert years earlier.

The red blemish on Edwina’s shoulder was spotted by an alarmed nurse and cancer specialist who got in touch with I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! bosses at ITV to insist she was checked out.

But John, 73, revealed: “The scar is a birthmark which becomes angry-looking in the heat and sunshine.”

John went on to explain that his wife of 13 years was motivated to enter the jungle after the previous much more terrifying health scare.

Former Tory politician Edwina, 68, was rushed into hospital in 2001 for an emergency operation for ovarian cyst.

The couple had only been together for a year at the time and John admitted he had feared the worst.

He said: “Edwina was staying in a hotel in Birmingham for work when she called me and said she had a terrible pain in her stomach.

I think her cancer scare made her realise she was mortal

John Jones, Edwina’s husband

“She went to hospital and they discovered a huge cyst on her ovary.

“They operated on her that night.

“I got there as fast as I could, I was terrified I was going to lose her.

“She was very, very lucky because if it had been one week later we would have been doing a charity bike ride in Kenya.

“We would have been hundreds of miles from any hospital and she would have popped her clogs for sure.”

Two days later test results came back clear but John said Edwina’s brush with death made her take on new challenges, including accepting the offer to compete in the Australian Outback.

“I think her cancer scare made her realise she was mortal,” he said.

“It certainly made her live life to the full and that’s one of the reasons she’s in the jungle now.”

Edwina Currie spattered in gunk during a trialITV/REX

Edwina Currie spattered in gunk during a challenge on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here

Edwina’s oldest daughter Debbie, aged 40, and her granddaughter Zoe, eight, have flown to Australia to support the the former Health Minister.

“Debbie has been fretting like mad,” said John, who has paid for their £5,000 flights.

“Edwina will be over the moon to see Debbie and Zoe,” John said.

“People see Edwina as a formidable figure but to Zoe’s she’s just a grandma – they are incredibly close.”

At the weekend fans saw Edwina, former lover of Tory PM Sir John Major, successfully complete three gory challenges, leading to her being crowned the “Currie Master.”

And her conquests came at the perfect time to boost morale before the show contestants face the first eviction tonight.

On Saturday’s show Edwina had bugs and slime poured over her head in a challenge against superbike racer Carl Fogarty, 49.

Surprisingly she beat her younger male rival, a defeat she said he would “never live down.”

The grandmother also bagged a mighty eight stars in two bloodcurdling Bushtucker Trials.

In last night’s show Edwina said she was feeling “okay” but admitted she was aching all over…

  • I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is on ITV at 8.30pm tonight. 

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