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Heath Ledger’s 10 Best Movie Roles Ranked

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Heath Ledger was one of Hollywood’s brightest and most buzzed about young stars before his shocking and sudden death in January 2008 at the age of 28. Despite his tragic passing, Ledger left behind quite a legacy through his work, and in a short period of time he took on many roles, proving he could do everything from the handsome teenage rebel to one of the most iconic comic book villains of all time. Ledger’s acting skills drew comparisons to the likes of Marlon Brando with how in-depth he inhabited every one of his characters, and no matter what role he took on he was sure to be one stealing the show. Take a look back on the actor’s most popular films with his 10 best movie roles:

10. Jacob Grimm – The Brothers Grimm (2005)

2005’s The Brothers Grimm was a highly anticipated fictitious filmed based on the legendary fairy tale creators Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. Ledger starred in the movie as Jakob Grimm alongside Matt Damon as Wilhelm Grimm, and offered the actor one of his most unique roles. Although both Damon and Ledger are incredible actors, some of their talent was lost in the muddled film which received mixed reviews from critics. It is a great film to look back at and remember that Heath Ledger is in it, but does not stand out as one of his career defining roles.

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9. Alex Bernier – The Order (2003)

After starting off strong, Ledger’s career took a blow with a small series of heavily criticized films, at the tail end of which was 2003’s The Order. In the film, Ledger starred as Alex Bernier, a disillusioned priest of the fictitious religious order called The Carolingians. Upon its release, the film bombed at the box office and was panned by critics and audiences alike. Unsurprisingly, Ledger still put his all into the role, even though the overall storyline and poor plot structure caused the whole thing to fall flat despite his best efforts.

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