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Real Housewives: 15 Most Dramatic Dinner Parties

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018 05:12 AM / No Comments / 81 views

Bravo’s reality series the Real Housewives is all about showcasing the professional and personal lives of women in America (and internationally), especially those whose lifestyle is luxurious. More recently, it’s become clear each season centers around some form of drama and as many viewers would know, for whatever reason most of this drama goes down at their dinner parties. Sometimes it’s entertaining, but other times it’s just downright painful to watch! Here are 15 of the most dramatic dinner parties in Real Housewives history!

15. Mr. Chocolate Meltdown

In 2015 during season 7 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the ladies go to dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse. During dinner, Cynthia decided to bring up rumors she and the other girls had heard that insinuated Phaedra had a new man in her life named “Mr. Chocolate.” It’s safe to say Phaedra didn’t take the conversation lightly and flew off the handle in her own defense.


14. Bethenny’s Berkshires Blow-up

Poor Dorinda. It seems like every time she tries to host a nice holiday dinner in the Berkshires it goes up in smoke. The worst dinner party she hosted there was no doubt in season 8 when LuAnn ended up getting attacked by Bethenny, Carole, and Ramona! While LuAnn is far from perfect, nobody deserves to be treated that way, so it was uncomfortable to watch. Bethenny definitely laid into her with a number of insults, many of which were unnecessarily harsh. It seemed like Bethenny was having a bad year and decided to take it out on LuAnn. Kudos to LuAnn for handling it like a champ. Their behavior was so bad that poor Dorinda had a meltdown of her own (we don’t blame her) and said her now hilariously infamous line, “I cooked, I decorated, I made it nice!”


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