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Riverdale: 12 Behind The Scenes Secrets

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When word spread that The CW was creating a show based off the beloved Archie Comics, we were all super excited. Riverdale immediately became one of the most buzzed about new shows. There was a lot of pressure on the actors and show creators to live up to all the hype, especially while recreating something that’s already so cherished among fans, but Riverdale did not disappoint! It’s now gearing up to debut it’s second season on October 11, 2017 and we can hardly wait! To hold us over, here’s a look at 12 behind the scenes secrets from the show!

12. How Riverdale Came To Be

The man behind it all, Roberto Aguirre-Sarcasa, the executive producer and writer for Riverdale, told Empire Online about his long road to getting this show off the ground. “I spent maybe 10 years writing Marvel Comics, but I always wanted to write an Archie comic. So I stalked the CEO and publisher at New York Comic-Con maybe four or five years ago, and I said I need to write an Archie comic book. It’s a major bucket list thing. And then we started working from there. I’d done a bunch of TV stuff, I worked on Glee for three years, Big Love for three years, and he said, ‘Would you ever be interested in doing a live-action Archie?’ I was, like, ‘Yeah, that would be a dream come true.’ So we started trying to make that happen. It’s been a long journey, I think we’ve been working on this for three or four years,” said Aguirre-Sarcasa.

Source: CW

11. Archie’s Hair

Not only does KJ Apa not have an American accent by nature (he’s actually a Kiwi), but he’s also not a redhead! He had to spend a lot of time in the salon bleaching his hair to get it to that perfect shade of red. “I had one day in the salon. It took about 10 hours. I was sitting there going back and forth to the sink. They had to gradually get there. They couldn’t go full out at the start in case they screwed it up. It was all bleach. They got the formula. So, there is a formula now. I’ve had a few different artists who’ve been doing my hair. I get it bleached every two weeks. It’s sore. I don’t enjoy it and I’m there for too long. Yeah, it sucks,” said Apa in an interview with Access Hollywood.

Diyah Pera/The CW

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