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This Is Us Episode Recap

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 27 Oct 2017 05:36 AM / No Comments / 32 views

8 Can’t Miss Moments From S2 Episode 5 ‘Brothers’

Although some were worried that season two of This Is Us couldn’t live up to the excellence it delivered in season one, those worries are very quickly being laid to rest. Episode five, “Brothers” offered even more character development than we could have imagined, giving a whole new depth to characters such as Jack and Kevin and opening up entire new worlds for Kate and Randall. As always, the episode made you laugh, cry and of course, left you with a huge surprise! Follow along for the 8 can’t miss moments and a full recap of “Brothers.” Be warned, major spoilers ahead:

8. Kate Tells Toby

Although it seemed like last week’s pregnancy bombshell would create issues for Kate and Toby because she hadn’t told him yet. Luckily, the episode picked up two weeks later with her finally telling him she is eight weeks pregnant, and in true Toby fashion, he was ecstatic. It was sad when Kate quickly shut down his enthusiasm however and told him he couldn’t tell anyone and jeep all his hopes and dreams about the baby to himself until after it was born because due to both her age and weight, it is a high-risk pregnancy.

Source: NBC

7. The Camping Trip

In flashbacks, Jack took 10-year-old Kevin and Randall camping in hopes of bringing the two brothers closer together, while Rebecca and Kate stayed home for some mother-daughter bonding. Unfortunately for Jack, the camping trip didn’t go as planned at first after Kevin refused to be nice to Randall and when Jack tried to understand what Kevin’s problem was, Kevin didn’t want to talk about it. Luckily, Kevin finally made an effort with his brother after he found a notebook of Randall’s that was filled with ideas on how to get Kevin to like him. Meanwhile, in the present day, Randall and Kevin shared another bonding moment where Kevin told Randall that part of his problem with him was how opposite they are, specifically that Randall “cares too much” and Kevin doesn’t care enough.

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