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This Is Us Recap: 8 Can’t Miss Moments From S2 Episode 4 ‘Still There’

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 22 Oct 2017 15:01 PM / No Comments / 32 views

The creators, writers and crew of This Is Us have mastered the art of the twist, and they don’t wait until season finales to pull them off either. Season two’s fourth episode, “Still There,” packed a lot in to the hour long episode and there was a lot to take in when it came to Kate, Kevin, Randall and Rebecca and Jack, but it was the episode’s last shocking reveal that will play a major part in episodes to come. Read on for a full recap of “Still There” with the episode’s 10 can’t miss moments. Warning, spoilers ahead:

8. Chickenpox

The episode kicked off with a flashback to the Pearson’s at a local video store with everyone trying to pick out their favorite movies to rent and watch while a big snow storm hit. A 10-year-old Kevin however got frustrated fast when all three Karate Kid films were already rented and complained of it being “too hot” and his parents realized he had come down with a bad fever. A trip to the doctor revealed that Kevin and Kate both had the chickenpox while Randall was fine, but the doctor said it would be easier if all three kids got it at once to “get it over with,” which Randall was not happy about.

Source: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

7. Grandma Janet

Since Rebecca wanted to make sure she had had chickenpox as a child to ensure she wouldn’t get it from her kids, she called her mother Janet, who took it as an invitation to come help with the three sick kids. Right away the tension in Janet and Rebecca’s relationship was clear, but things would only get much worse. Janet brought the Big Three gifts, including a new football helmet for Kevin, a Little Mermaid dress for Kate, and a basketball for Randall. Problems began after Kate mentioned the dress would be too small and her grandma said she could use it as a “goal dress,” while Randall stated he didn’t really like basketball, but Janet responded with, “I think you’d be a natural.” After a few more comments from her mother, Rebecca finally called her out for being racist, an accusation which Randall unfortunately overheard, and Jack and Rebecca had to explain to Randall what subtle racism was because he couldn’t understand how his grandma was racist. Janet tried to explain to Rebecca that she doesn’t think she is racist, but she was raised in a “different time” and at the end of the episode made an effort with Randall who was very excited about his science project with Janet stating, “you are a very special young man, aren’t you?” to which Randall responded, “Took you long enough.”

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