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Young And The Restless’ 13 Most Disappointing Deaths Of All Time

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 01 Feb 2018 04:43 AM / No Comments / 48 views

Just like in life, soap opera deaths are inevitable. This doesn’t make them any easier for fans of daytime drama, especially if the death involves their favorite character on a favorite show. Soap opera deaths can be shocking, surprising, and often times, devastating. Below are 13 of The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) most disappointing deaths of all time.

13. Blade Bladeson

Blade Bladeson was a beloved Y&R character in the 1990s that had a grand love affair with Ashley Abbott. Sadly, an evil twin would be the beginning of the end for Blade, as his brother Rick held him captive for a long while and ran around impersonating him. The two played the old twin switcheroo game for a while until Blade’s car was hit by a train, killing Bladeson. Ashley was so devastated by the entire ordeal she left Genoa City for a while and spent some time in Paris grieving the loss of her love.


12. Malcolm Winters

The silver-lining around this death was that Winters was presumed dead in 2005, but showed back up in Genoa City in 2009 very much alive. However, the events leading up to his death and final passing (so we all thought) were just awful. Neil and Malcolm were falling for the same girl and Malcolm had overheard half of a conversation where Alex (the lady in question) claimed she had feelings for Neil. Upset, Malcolm had a fight with Neil and then got into a car accident where a bridge fell on top of him. Nobody at that point in time was found. Neil was guilt-stricken. He turned to alcohol and Alex left town. Y&R fans were shocked and outraged.

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